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SAMPAŞ attended HUAWEI annual evaluation meeting.

At the annual evaluation meeting, SAMPAS talked about Intelligent Urban Transformation strategies and Smart cities.

The leading organizations in the sector invited to HUAWEI 's Information and Communication Technologies Market Information Meeting, which is held every year regularly, talked about the developments in the sector.

On behalf of SAMPAŞ, Board Member, Eser KARAKAYA and Business Development and Marketing Director Dr.M.Serdar YÜMLÜ attended the meeting. In the Meeting Serdar YÜMLÜ presented, Intelligent Urban Transformation Strategy and Smart City concept. Serdar Yümlü, in his speech, told the KEPEZ the largest urban transformation project of Turkey, carried out by SAMPAŞ

“With the KEPEZ SANTRAL project, it was decided to determine how a city would be developed from A to Z, how to develop it, how to plan it, how to find the main needs and how to develop solutions for them. Kepezaltı-Plant, Smart Urban first and examples implemented from infrastructure through Turkey's urban renewal Conversion will be Smart City. " He said. Also Kepez Central Urban Transformation Project, H2020 EU Smart Cities and Communities (SCC-1-2017) covered call With the MatchUP project, it earned about 5 million Euros.

Update : 24.04.2018 15:26:55