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Mu-Tool (FP7)

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Novel tooling for composites curing under microwave heating

Call Identifier


FP7- SME-2011-1: Research for SMEs

Project Duration


24 Months

Project Total Budget


1,160,500.00 €

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Project Objective

The aim of the project Mu-Tool is to develop an alternative method of microwave processing of composites, to enable the rapid and low-cost production of composite parts. The new process will result in an increase in energy efficiency, production efficiency, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and production costs.

The principle of this technology will be the use of ceramic tooling which is transparent to microwaves, while the inner surface of the tools is coated with a microwave-absorbent material. Energy will be applied to the tooling through the absorbing layer only, minimising the amount of applied energy and therefore also minimising the cost and emission of CO2 gases. As the composite component is heated directly (via the absorber material), whilst allowing the tooling and microwave chamber to remain relatively cool, the process can be terminated and restarted more quickly leading to an improvement in productivity and a large reduction in energy use.

The lower cost parts produced will open up new mass-market application areas in the field of surface transport. In the automotive field, the goal of lower-carbon vehicles is placing new demands upon the availability of low-cost, light-weight strong materials. Mu-tool will realise this potential.

Project Partners

1             LOIRE MODELAGE SAS Loiretech SME participant/ France

2             MICROCAB INDUSTRIES LTD Microcab SME participant / United Kingdom

3             NEOSID PEMETZRIEDER GMBH & CO KG NEOSID SME participant/ Germany


5             TWI LIMITED TWI Ltd RTD Performer / United Kingdom

6             JOHNSON CONTROLS GMBH JCI RTD/ Performer Germany

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